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Delaware Labor Resources is ready to help with your next project!

What We Offer

Delaware Labor
Resources Inc.

Delaware Labor Resources specializes in partnering with residential property managers to create clean, beautiful homes for your next tenant. Keep your licensed, skilled maintenance employees working at the top of their scope while you let us handle the things you’d rather not deal with.

We pride ourselves on doing a great job while keeping your labor costs low. Whatever your needs are we can customize our services to make a great partnership.

What makes DLR different from
other labor companies?

Some of the perks of being a DLR customer include:


All phone calls are answered directly by the owner to ensure that your labor needs are a top priority.


It is expensive to hire full time employees and after benefits and other expenses like uniforms, those costs add up. We offer a cheap alternative to hiring a full time in house staff and still provide quality work.


We can schedule work for any time of day or day of the week.